Euskampus Bordeaux Eguna will hold its 2022 edition on 21 and 22 November in Bordeaux

Euskampus Bourdeaux Eguna 2022

The interaction and active participation of all those attending will be promoted in a two half-day programme

The Euskampus Bordeaux Eguna event will take place in Bordeaux (France) on 21 and 22 November. In this 2022 edition, Professor Luis Vega (BCAM - UPV/EHU) from the Linear and Non- Linear Waves research line, will attend the event. Vega participates in Transmath, Cross-border Cooperation Laboratory (LTC) for Mathematics and its Applications, together with Professor David Lannes from the University of Bordeaux. 

This edition will promote the interaction and active participation of all attendees in a two half-day programme, as was done in the previous edition in Donostia. The main activities of the event will be the visualisation of the cross-border Campus with a 2030 horizon and the presentations of projects or initiatives focused on the collaborations between the Euskampus entities (UPV-EHU, UB, DIPC and Tecnalia).

In this edition, in response to the demand for participants received by the Euskampus Foundation, both mornings of the conference will be used for participants to meet and get to know each other, discuss topics of common interest and network. The programme of the event is available on the Euskampus website.

The cross-border campus with a border in 2030 will be a space that promotes cultural, linguistic, institutional and disciplinary diversity. Students, administrative staff, researchers and researchers will collaborate together to build a shared vision of Euskampus Bordeaux.

"On board, the Euskampus Bordeaux Campus" is an initiative aimed at research staff, project managers, students, etc... who have participated in a project related to the collaborations developed within the Euskampus Bourdeaux framework. It will consist of presenting in 173 seconds (the distance in nautical miles between Bilbao and Bordeaux) the project or initiative that they are developing, or have developed, and that falls within the framework of the collaborations between Euskampus entities. They may be presented in Spanish, French, Basque and English. The contents to be presented will be Master's Degree Final Projects, Bachelor's Degree Final Projects, Pre and Post-Doctoral Projects, Research and Innovation Projects, etc. 

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