About us Transmath

The Laboratories for Trans-border Cooperation (LTCs) are a formula for collaboration that have been developed since 2015 in the frame of the Campus Euskampus-Bordeaux. LTCs were created to provide an institutional framework for research teams from the Basque Country and from Bordeaux working together. This framework supports trans-border research communities, which involve young and senior researchers, students, and technicians that can move from one lab to the other without boundaries and share a common vision and action agendas.

About us Transmath

TransMath – Transborder Laboratory for Mathematics and its Applications is part of the Laboratories for Transborder Cooperation and it is a project created in 2017 for mathematics to work in the specific subject of:


Cutting edge research in the classical fields of mathematics: Geometry, Algebra, Analysis of PDEs, etc.


Modeling and simulation, in particular in the applications to environment and health related issues.


Data science.

For the achievement of the above-mentioned objectives, both LTC and TransMath, the following institutions are involved in the project: